BBC ambient social media

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In a bold move BBC Sport commissioned us to create an ambient campaign to promote their online rugby coverage. Rather than traditional billboards, large mobile interactive TV displays were deployed at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium to buzz the crowd.  These screens were not only able to follow the crowds,  they actually reflected their mood.  Social media feeds from the BBC 606 fan site were seamlessly  integrated into the interactive campaign system creating a live crowd  commentary sparking lively conversations and debate.

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BBC rocks user content

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Mott the Hoople, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Pretenders, Mike Oldfield, The Guillemots, Robert Plant, Underworld and Dodgy all have something in common.  They are all inextricably linked to Hereford and Worcester.

In designing this social media community website for the BBC we have created an interactive mapping application which traces forty years of the regions rich musical heritage. With amazing stories of rock legends playing small village pubs, sound bites pictures and video. User generated content is key and users are invited to share their stories and memories on the website. If you saw the Beatles play the Riverside Dancing Club in Tenbury Wells, The Rolling Stones at the Gaumont in Worcester or went to school with Kidderminster’s Robert Plant go to our website and add your stories.

Learning behind bars. Radio=social media

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How do you offer stimulating learning opportunities to people in prison? There are no computers, no internet  or social media and the majority of the inmates time is spent in cells.  Radio is the answer and an ideal platform for stimulating and transferring knowledge.  We teamed up with the Prison Radio Association to produce unique audio ‘in cell’ learning opportunities for prison inmates.

NFU Conference Live Web Stream

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If you can not go to the event use social media and let the event come to you.  The biggest event in the agricultural sector is the National Farmers Union Conference.  In order to extend audience reach we streamed the 2 day event live on the web to thousands of viewers.  Taking the live camera feeds from our conference partner MCL the video was synchronised live with the speakers PowerPoint slides. The web audience were further engaged with a chat room facility which enabled the online user to direct questions at the speaker live on the podium.

Online video makes it easy

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A video production and DVD for Birmingham based Accident Exchange explains employee benefits.  A simple format together with online streamed video makes internal communications a breeze for them.

..and pod casting is even easier

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The perfect way of capturing the event for people who attended and for those that didn’t, we captured the audio for a recent medical conference for leading pharmaceutical company Dr Falk Pharma.

Web streaming to success

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We helped launch the West Midlands Economic Strategy together with St Modwen Plc’s £20 million Innovation Centre which is the first phase of the regeneration of Longbridge in Birmingham providing a massive boost to jobs and homes in the area.  A multi camera video production shoot recorded and streamed the event over the internet.

Engage employees online

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Is your workforce passionate, enthusiastic, committed and inspired?  Greeneking Plc operates hundreds of pubs and hotels throughout the UK.  Due to the companies sites being geographically dispersed staff induction training presents an ongoing challenge.  Broadband being deployed within these locations offered an opportunity to train staff via the intranet.

Due to the nature of the business there is a regular turnaround of staff. Staff induction to the business together with health and safety training is of vital importance but offers huge logistics issues.  Persuaders task was to create e- learning induction programmes that engages and motivates new employees to the business.


Almost all employees in this business are customer touch points and it’s critical that each employee represents the values of the business.  Understanding workplace health and safety issues, food and personal hygiene standards together with an insight into how to enhance a guests experience are of great importance.

Additionally further awareness into methods of generating additional sales is desirable.  New employees can span the spectrum in terms of age experience, education and social background.

Compliance is also critical issue and a facility was needed that may be called upon to prove that an employee has received the correct training

A series of dynamic rich media e- learning modules were created using Flash, together with a centralised learning management system that is capable of personalising the learning, tracking learner progress through each of the modules and printing out course completion certificates.

A bespoke modular script and learning journey was developed including voiceover,animation and interactivity.  A personal video from the managing director was also filmed to increase the emotional attachment of the new employee to the business and convey his vision for their role within the business.

Since being deployed throughout the business thousands of staff have used the programme leading to greater time efficiency and fulfilling compliance procedures.  Staff are motivated and understand the aspirations of the business better.  They are  ultimately better trained in procedures and more knowledgeable and confident.

online stories, are you a proud parent?

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Ufi Ltd, is the organisation behind learndirect – the national learning network and careers advice service.  learndirect operates a network of more than 700 online learning centres in England and Wales, providing access to a range of e-learning opportunities. learndirect’s flexible learning is available to individual adults wanting to improve existing skills or to learn new ones, and to employers looking for an innovative way to develop the skills of their workforce.

The Task
Create resources targeting the area of Personal Social Development, for entry level foundation learners on the subject of Parenting Skills.  Create resources that can be used on and offline in a variety of environments for disengaged learners.  The target audience is equally balanced between males and females and is within the age range 16 – 65. Many of whom will be reluctant to learn.

There are an estimated 17.8 million people in the UK with literacy and numeracy skills below Level 2, equivalent to a A*-C grade at GCSE. The impact on people’s everyday lives of a literacy, numeracy or language difficulty can be enormous. Many of these people need to improve their skills to manage everyday tasks.

Resources need to be highly engaging and capable of grabbing the attention of reluctant and disengaged learners by personalising the learning experience for them.

Creative Challenge

We established that the foundation learning target audience would respond well to learning material that was informal in its nature as they are likely to find it easier to connect with styles that they recognise from everyday life. We are also recognised potential to both alienate and potentially patronise users with large amounts of life experience but who lack basic formal foundations


Audio is our most natural learning method, after all we have been telling stories and listening to others for a very long time, stories are our oldest way of learning. Thus our solution focused on creating a series of learning products that mimic a talk radio station that informally and effortlessly teaches and challenges the learner via guest experts, stories and callers to the show.  Using this format enabled us to cover topics in a lively, non prescriptive and supportive way through ‘other peoples’ experiences

We created a series of six 30 minute shows that were fully scripted with our content expert Pat Spungin an acclaimed child psychologist and founder of the site  Each show focuses on parental issues from pregancy right though to children leaving home and covers issues as diverse as  illness in babies, how to deal with challenging behavioural issues, what to expect from schools, through to eating disorders, drink, drugs and sex.

Each show is anchored by seasoned radio presenter Les Gunn.  He is joined in the studio by a series of scripted guest experts who discuss the shows topic before opening up the phone lines for callers to the show.  These calls provide the framework for discussion and guide the learner around a wide range of topics.

In addition to the audio learners are invited to interact with the station by selecting the callers to the show, they can even change video feeds on the stations webcam.  Following the main body of the show the user is taked with answering multiple choice questions that enforce learning objectives.  There is a high level of accessibility, with access keys, sound and playback controls. There are also subtitles and transcripts available.

The result is a show that learners find friendly approachable and eminently listenable. A talk show format with a touch of humour and irony offering:

  • Inspiration and provoking thought
  • Direct open and honest
  • Supportive and inclusive

In terms of personal learning and thinking skills the radio show format highlights parenting issues with a positive and supportive can do attitude thus boosting confidence and self esteem with our listeners.  Listeners will be helped to make choices within their own personal situation and a guided to take responsibility for those actions.

The programmes are available through the Learndirect learning management system, and via audio only podcast.

‘’A believable experience that addresses common concerns of parents or adults involved with children up to the age of leaving home in an approachable and listenable way.’’

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Stars of CCTV go online and reduce cost

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GET Plc the UK’s leading manufacturer of electrical accessories tasked Persuaders with creating a number of rich media digital marketing projects.  The first of which is an interactive microsite designed for Argos featuring their innovative CCTV products and systems.